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Alice the Goon is a character in E. C. Segar's comic strip Thimble Theatre and in the Popeye cartoon series derived from it.


Alice made her debut in the Sunday, December 10th, 1933 Thimble Theatre strip, amid the "Plunder Island" storyline. As yet unnamed (and her gender unspecified), she was a minion of the sorceress, the Sea Hag. She is depicted as a bald Amazonian giantess with a large nose and extremely hairy forearms and legs. Her name and gender were given in the January 14, 1934 strip, after she had captured Wimpy. Popeye eventually discovers that Alice was an unwilling slave to the Sea Hag, and helps Alice gain her freedom. Swee'Pea likes Alice, and she has become his babysitter in later comics.

In later appearances, Alice wore a dress and flowered hat. Her tribe lives on Goon Island, and the Goons are indistinguishable from each other. When Alice spoke, her words would appear as a series of meaningless squiggles. Wimpy is the only one who can understand her language.


Alice Jumping Jacks
Alice's gallery can be viewed here


  • Spike Milligan was a fan of Popeye cartoons and took the name of The Goon Show from Alice and her tribe.

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