Axle and Cam on the Planet Meco are father-and-son robot characters starring in a backup feature in early Popeye comic books, before Bud Sagendorf settled on the long-running Sappo (renamed after O. G. Wotasnozzle) as the supporting feature. They are alien robots from the planet Meco who are very human-like in terms of behavior and self-awareness.


Axle is a no-nonsense robot who is loyal to his protocol and always tries to do what is best for his son by making sure he behaves like a proper hard-working robot. Cam is a surprisingly free-spirited robot who always wants to play games and have fun, making him more human-like than other robots, and this often makes him quite mischievous as he would rather play games than work like other robots. This often is a source of much conflict between the two, but both care for one another like any good father and son would.

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