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B. Loony Bullony
B. Loony Bullony
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Comic Artist
Residence Puddleburg
Production Information
First Appearance Thimble Theatre ("Puddleburg, the Laziest Town in the World")
Portrayed by Jack Mercer (1960s)

B. Loony Bullony is a humorless cartoonist who was hired by Popeye and Olive for their newspaper "The Puddleburg Splash".

Character history

Creation and development in Thimble Theatre

Bullony was created by E. C. Segar for the 1933 Thimble Theatre storyline "Puddleburg, the Laziest Town in the World". In said strip, he was hired by Popeye to work on his newly-acquired newspaper business.

Popeye's first television series

B. Loony Bullony in the 60s cartoon

Bullony made his only animated appearance in the 1960s Popeye animated television series. In the episode "What's News", which was a loose adaptation of Bullony's comic strip debut, he was likewise hired by Popeye to work on his comic strip, but was promptly let go.


Bullony's humor

Bullony's dull sense of humor.

Despite his occupation (and humorous name), he is far from jolly and is constantly depressed. He sees himself as a struggling genius whose feelings are not understood by others, with the exception of Wimpy, to whom he would complain while both sobbed about their own unappreciated "genius". He also has a habit of marking all his belongings with name tags, listing what his items are.


Puddleburg, the Laziest Town in the World

After Popeye and Olive are given their own newspaper business in Puddleburg by Mister Works called "The Puddleburg Splash", they hire Bullony to be their comic strip artist, in hopes of boosting sales for their new business. However, his downtrodden attitude and horribly dull comics were far from entertaining or humorous, especially considering his off-putting request to be paid $1000 a week. Eventually, though, Popeye lowers it to $25 without hurting Bullony's self-esteem too much.

After much work (and beating up the Bruiser Boys Club that was plaguing Puddleburg), Popeye's newspaper becomes a hit and he is able to attract a bigger team of comic artists who are more than pleased with their new work environment, proceeding to draw up plenty of comics for the newspaper readers to enjoy. With the increased success, Mister Works returns to buy back his old business from Popeye, but is shocked to hear Popeye asking for $20,000. Popeye explains that the high price is due to the newspaper now having over 25,000 subscriptions in over ten counties thanks to a now happy Bullony and his eager and comfy team of comic strip writers. Mister Works has no choice but to meet Popeye's demands, but as soon as the businessman leaves, it is revealed that Bullony and his team are actually all miserable and lousy, even having to wear realistic happy masks to hide just how miserable they still are.

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