"Baby Phase" is a 1960 television episode of Popeye the Sailor.


Swee'Pea waits inside the mailbox for something: a juggling instructions book, and then he juggles things on the chimney, dropping an iron on the napping Popeye. Scolding the baby, he causes him to drop everything else he had and fall, but Popeye catches him and scolds him again. As he is about to go to sleep again, he notices a sign of Swee'Pea juggling where he should not be: on a telephone wire. Popeye rushes and brings him down, and then puts him in his crib, punishing him without lunch. Swee'Pea bawls, but Popeye ignores his protests: "I'm sorry, but ya made yer bed, and now ya has to cry in it."

Noticing the mess, Popeye finds something else: the book. He wonders why Swee'Pea would be interested, and looks up certain jugglers as well as the greatest of them all. He falls asleep in doing so and has a nightmare.

In the nightmare, he finds that Swee'Pea has ran away to join the circus, and asks to be forgiven, only to find that Swee'Pea has signed a permanent contract.


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