Big-Eared Pygmies

Big-Eared Pygmies

The Big-Eared Pygmies are a tribe of sneaky diminutive humans with large ears, who were the original inhabitants of Spinachovia.

Character history

Creation and development

The Big-Eared Pygmies were created by Bud Sagendorf in 1950, first appearing in the 10th issue of the original Popeye/Thimble Theatre comic book, in the story titled "Rock-a-Bye Berries!".


They are a reclusive and sneaky tribe of pygmies that prefer to steal what they need to survive, and avoid being seen by others. Favoring sneakier and trickier methods when dealing with enemies, they only attack head-on when cornered. Big-Eared Pygmies have a strong dislike towards spinach, preferring a strict diet of carrots themselves, this being the reason why they hated Spinachovians, as all those ever grew was spinach - which the tribesmen even hate stealing. They also take great pride in their large ears, and it appears that the members with biggest ones are instantly chosen to be the leaders of the tribe, then dubbed "Big Ears".

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