Bluto's unnamed girlfriend makes her appearance in the Fleischer Studios short The Twisker Pitcher. Bluto's girlfriend can be seen cheering "We Want Bluto!" from "Bluto's Special Box" and putting her hand over Olive's mouth to stop her from cheering for Popeye. After Popeye wins the ball game, Olive Oyl pins her to the floor, flicks her nose and forces her to chant Popeye's theme song. "Who's strong to the finich, cause he eats his spinich?" says Olive Oyl. Bluto's girlfriend then replies, "Popeye the Sailorman!"


  • This character's voice is provided by Bonnie Poe whereas Olive's is provided by Mae Questel. Poe uses the same deep dopey sounding voice that she had used for Olive Oyl in the earlier cartoons. Both characters seen cheering for their boyfriends at the same time confirms that they were voiced by different actresses.
  • She can mostly be seen covering Olive Oyl's mouth and cheering Bluto on.
  • The character only makes one appearance in the entire Popeye series. As stated in another Popeye cartoon entitled Beware of Barnacle Bill, it is implied that Bluto courts a lot of women.
  • While as rotund as a female-Bluto, the character is pinned down by someone half her size.


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