Brotherly Love is Popeye's 31st theatrical short, from Fleischer Studios, which was released in 1936.


Sitting in a restaurant, Popeye listens to a radio broadcast from the Women's Brotherly Love Society, which is led by Olive Oyl. Her song promoting brotherly love inspires Popeye, and he gives a plentiful tip to waiter Oscar before leaving. He walks along the street, singing the Brotherly Love Song and helping people along the way: lifting a heavy safe that two movers were struggling with, helping two boys watch the ball game without paying and even instantly repairing a crashed car.

He comes across a brawl between the rival Boiler Makers Social Club and Gas House Boys clubs (Wiffle Piffle can be seen joining the fray) and enters it in order to stop the fighting. However, a steady string of punches leaves him out cold, with further socking keeping him down each time he recovers. Olive, on a march for her Society, comes by and becomes entangled with the brawlers. Popeye finally resorts to eating his spinach, enabling him to pacify all the fighters - with the use of his fists.

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