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is a character first appearing in the Popeye the Sailor TV series from 1960, an enemy of Popeye. Created to fulfil Bluto's role during a time when it was erroneusly believed that the latter was not introduced first in the original Thimble Theatre, Brutus is essentially a new character meant to resemble the earlier Bluto in both appearance and actions. In trying to avoid the use of characters borne out of Paramount Pictures productions, King Features Syndicate's TV cartoon introduced Brutus as one of the main villains, in addition to the Sea Hag making her animated debut. Jackson Beck, who provided Bluto's voice in many theatrical cartoons up until their end, voiced Brutus in the series.

Various media such as video games and memorabilia identify their villain as Brutus.

In comics

Brutus before Bluto

Early strip with a "Brutus" that even predates Popeye

Comic books and strips in the years following the TV series' debut took to using 'Brutus' as the name of Popeye's nemesis, which has lasted to the present day. Only in the late 2000s did the comic strip re-introduce Bluto, this time noting that he was Brutus' twin brother.

Twin terrors

Brutus' first appearance alongside Bluto

The concept of Brutus being Bluto's brother is also explored in the second of the Popeye Special comic books from Ocean Comics, which relate Popeye's early career; this was the first time the twins were shown together, with Brutus as the friendlier, more cowardly one and afraid of his more villanous brother.


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