Bullfighter Bully

"Bullfighter Bully" is the sixth episode of the 1960 TV series Popeye the Sailor.


Popeye and Olive travel to Mexico, where the latter gets the urge to see a bullfight after seeing the "world's greatest bullfighter" (El Diablo) on a poster, much to Popeye's disgust as it goes against his code of "being kinds to defenksless aminals". Once inside, both are shocked to see that El Diablo's opponent is just a defenseless baby bull. The now angered sailor enters the ring and confronts El Diablo, but not before giving the baby bull to Olive. As their fight begins, El Diablo takes out a dagger and uses it to de-pants Popeye and, with his opponent distracted by embarrassment, send him flying through a nearby wall. The newly-made hole turns out to lead into the bullpen, which causes a rampaging adult bull to break out and chase after El Diablo. The unchivalrous El Diablo then uses Olive as his muleta, which makes the distressed Olive call out for Popeye. As Popeye runs in to save her, he is sent flying and onto a pole by a swift blow from the rabid bull. Popeye then quickly regains his footing by eating his trusty can of spinach and proceeds to "grab the bull by the horns" and turn him into a platter of tasty steaks which he then uses to knock out El Diablo with a multi-layered meaty punch. With matters finally resolved, Popeye receives a kiss from the grateful baby bull.

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