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Bully Boy
Bully Boy
Species Bull
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Occupation Boxer
Residence Bluto's ranch
Production Information
First Appearance Popalong Popeye

Bully Boy is a boxing bull that appears in the Famous Studios short Popalong Popeye.


Popalong Popeye

During Popeye's trip to the old west, he is dared by the cowboy Bluto into handling his prize bull Bully Boy in a boxing match to prove that he can be a cowboy, which results in a quick defeat and a flattened arm for the poor sailor due to Bully Boy's monstrous strength. The next day, Popeye is challenged again by Bluto, but this time Popeye proves himself and a furious Bluto releases Bully Boy on him, but this time Popeye is prepared and responds by regaining his stamina via spinach and roping the savage bull like a true man of the west with a four-knotted lasso as the bull charged him. The sailor then pulls the bound Bully Boy towards him and uppercuts him in the chin, sending him flying, and the tight lasso splits Bully Boy into six plump sausage links for the triumphant Popeye. Bluto is swiftly defeated soon after.


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