Choose Your Weppins

Choose Your 'Weppins' is Popeye's 22nd cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released in 1935.



A well dressed, mustachioed thief is being led handcuffed by police officer Wimpy. As the latter becomes distracted by a hamburger store, the criminal searches his tools for a skeleton key, promptly slipping away from his handcuff and his escort. He comes by Popeye's Pawn Shoppe, seeing the various valuables inside and also watching the sailor proprietor clean a suit of armor, as well as Olive Oyl test some knives. He enters the store and, snatching a knife box unnoticed, he offers it to Olive in exchange for ten dollars. She would only give him fifty cents as they are of poor quality. Popeye joins the argument and, after the crook does a knife-throwing demonstration, the sailor uses a hair from the costumer's mustache to show that the blades break easily. This prompts the robber to challenge Popeye to a duel by slapping him with a glove; Popeye responds by putting on the glove and socking him. The criminal uses a saber to attack Popeye, who also gets a sword, but it is quite flimsy. Olive brings out a spinach can, which allows the hero to get a better blade and disarm his opponent, after which he disarms himself and the duel is continued with index fingers for swords. Popeye proceeds to give the crook a beating that sends him back to Officer Wimpy's handcuff.


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