Cylinda Oyl (the wife of Castor Oyl) is a Thimble Theatre character created by E. C. Segar. Appearing during the mid-to-late 1920s, Cylinda was introduced as Castor's foil and to have the couple engage in humorous domestic situations, sometimes involving other characters such as Olive Oyl and Ham Gravy. Much like the latter, Cylinda became absent from the series when Popeye came along and went on to dominate it. Unlike other main characters, Cylinda Oyl was drawn by Segar in a more realistic style that highlighted her attractiveness. She could be seen as late as in 1928, seeing Castor off at the start of "The Great American Desert Saga".


Married into the Oyl family, Cylinda has an oil-based pun for a name, much like her in-laws. In this case, referring to "cylinder oil".

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