Deezil Oyl is Olive Oyl's little niece, who first appeared in the Popeye the Sailor episode Popeye's Junior Headache (1960). She looks like a miniature version of her aunt and wears a big bow in her hair. She has a bratty manner, particularly towards Popeye.


  • "Popeye is finished 'cause I ate the spinach for Popeye the Sailor Man haha!" (Popeye's Junior Headache)
  • "Uncle Popeye, oh, please tell me a bedtime story, will ya please tell?, will ya? will ya? will ya?" (The Mark of Zero)
  • "Good night, Uncle Popeye." (The Mark of Zero)


  • To honor tradition with the Oyl family, her name is a pun on diesel oil.
  • Olive has quadruplet nieces that are identical in appearance if not size. Deezil, a conceited brat, is one of them.
  • Deezil's voice is provided by Mae Questel, who uses the same voice she uses for Swee'Pea.


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