Doppelgänger is a surreal independent comic spoofing Popeye, written and illustrated by American cartoonist Tom Neely in 2010. A self-professed Popeye fan, Neely self-published Doppelgänger through his website (although it is no longer available for sale there). The short comic was well received and earned Neely the chance to provide art for three issues of an official Popeye comic series from IDW Publishing.


An Olive Oyl-like character spies on Döpeye (a sailor that looks very much like Popeye) as he ponders his existence on a sidewalk. He suddenly finds himself facing another identical sailor and, after some more pondering, they decide to fight. Each devouring the contents of a spinach can, they begin their fight, but the punches split them into more and more Döpeyes that end up tangled together as the suburban landscape becomes distorted and overrun with sailors, yet all returns to normal in the end.

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