Question 16093

The Dragging Lady is a character appearing only in Ocean Comics's Popeye Special, a villainess from Popeye's youth as told in the aforementioned comic book. A fearsome Japanese crime lord, or lady, she rules over from an underground lair and exemplifies the mysterious, dangerous "Dragon Lady" archetype popularized in Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates comic strip, aside from the fact that she is morbidly obese and overbearing. During his early days in the U. S. Navy, Popeye runs afoul of the Dragging Lady when he disrupts one of her whaling operations. Afterwards, she fails repeatedly in her attempts to have the Japan-stationed sailor eliminated, even after she hires scientist O. G. Wotasnozzle to build a huge robotic fighter to confront Popeye in the ring.

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