The Dunders are a primitive and odd tribe of hunched and shaggy men that hail from the Island of Dunder, who appeared in the comic strip storyline "The Bride", where they tried to get Olive Oyl to marry the Royal Dunder King, Charlie.

The Dunders are very dirty in appearance and wear animal hides for clothing, making them look like cavemen. They all look exactly alike, having the same body shape and facial features. Dunders have no formal currency and instead trade for goods and brides using livestock, but they will eagerly accept foreign money which they are all too eagerly greedy to accept. They also show their love by throwing coconuts as the coconut is their national fruit. Female Dunders all look alike as well and are just as shaggy and dirty as the men, except that they are half their size. The majority of the female Dunders are married to the king, as Dunder men do not work and have the females work for them, and since the king has the most wives he owns the majority of the businesses. It is because of this that he has begun marrying foreign women like Olive to expand his staff of wives/slaves. This eventually changed after Olive taught the Dunder women about how women elsewhere are treated and that man can do the work too and even buy nice gifts like jewelry and clothes for their wives, which made the Dunder women revolt against their king.

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