is a short parody comic spoofing the 1980 film Popeye, that appeared in MAD Magazine issue 225 (September 1981). The story was written by Stan Hart and illustrated by Mort Drucker.


The story has the original cartoon character watching Robert Altman's film and growing increasingly annoyed at its inaccuracies, but when his movie counterpart, true to the actual movie, complains after being told to eat his spinach,  "I don't likes spinach!" the cartoon Popeye sees this as the last straw: "What de hell is dis?! Since when don't I likes spinach?!!" Then at that very same instant, to everyone's astonishment, including his movie counterpart's, he devours the spinach and announces he will save not only Olive Oil and Swee'Tea but mostly also "dis disgustipating pitchur". He then rescues them and finally teaches his movie counterpart a huge lesson he will never forget. And finally he apologizes to the readers, "I YAM WHAT I YAM...BUT DAT GUY WASN'T EVEN CLOSE!"

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