Olive listening to the real International

Olive listening to the real International

The French International is a character in the 1956 Parlez Vous Woo cartoon. He is a TV personality who reads poetry and love stories onscreen to an audience of ladies, including a thoroughly enthralled Olive Oyl, who is doubly delighted when she learns she may have won a date with the suave star. The International is a romantic gentleman with a handsome face and pomaded black hair. He speaks with a French accent and wears a tuxedo and top hat.

Bluto as the International

Bluto masquerading as the International

At the beginning, he appeared to be flirting with Olive, which made Popeye mad. They had a duel and Popeye, powered by his wonder greens, shredded the dashing celebrity's tux to reveal a sailor suit underneath. Upon finding out that the fellow in the tux was no International after all, but only a disguised Bluto, Olive was very disappointed -- until a second helping of spinach transformed the Sailorman into the dashing, tuxedoed type she had been fantasizing about.

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