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George W. Geezil
George W. Geezil
Aliases Geezil
Mr. Geezil
Mr. Geezer
Mr. Geezle
George G. Geezil
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Occupation Shoe Cobbler,
Residence Sweethaven
Production Information
First Appearance Thimble Theatre (1932)
Portrayed by Richard Libertini (1980)

George W. Geezil, also known as simply Geezil, is a character created by E. C. Segar for his comic strip Thimble Theatre (later renamed after Popeye).

Character history

Creation and development in Thimble Theatre

Geezil made his first appearance in the strips in 1932, as an unnamed patron in Rough House's cafe. He reappeared in 1933 as a cobbler and regular customer of Rough House who held a dislike for J. Wellington Wimpy, although until his fifth appearance, he went unnamed.

Over time, he was named Mr. Geezer, Mr. Geezle, George G. Geezil and eventually George W. Geezil by 1935, in his 33rd appearance.

Fleischer Studios

Geezil in Fleischer

As Popeye's popularity greatly grew, he would be given his own animated adaptation by Fleischer Studios. Geezil made rare cameo appearances in the Fleischer Studios Popeye cartoons, but would have a minor role in A Clean Shaven Man (1936) and a somewhat more prominent role in Olive's Boithday Presink (1941).

Popeye's first TV series

He appeared in the Popeye the Sailor episode "Wimpy the Moocher" (1960).

Popeye's first movie

In the 1980 Popeye film, Geezil was a greengrocer who was constantly arguing with Wimpy, but the two maintained a shaky friendship. Geezil was played by Richard Libertini.


Geezil would re-appear in IDW Publishing's 2012 Popeye comics revival. He was featured in the third issue, where he once again tried to get his revenge on Wimpy by "hiring" a deadly boxer known as the Phantom Crusher to destroy Wimpy in a boxing match.


Geezil in Olive's Boithday Presink
Geezil's gallery can be viewed here

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