Medusa the Sea Hag

"Giddy Gold" is a 1961 episode of the Popeye the Sailor TV series.


The story begins at the carnival, where Popeye and Olive Oyl are going through the Tunnel of Love. When Olive spots a pile of plastic treasures and other valuables within the tunnel's romantic decor, she wishes they were real so she could go on a real treasure hunt for riches. Just then, Bernice the Wiffle Bird appears after overhearing Olive and tells her that she can grant her wish thanks to several cosmic forces being properly aligned with the tunnel. Olive happily asks her to do so, and then watches as the Wiffle Bird transforms the tunnel into a magical realm of enchanted treasures and adventure. The now giddy Olive and Popeye begin to collect buckets worth of treasure, but before they can leave with their loot the Wiffle Bird warns them that there are "Three Dangerous Dangers" that they must face if they wish to leave with their gold. Popeye then realizes that their lives are more valuable than treasure and tries to convince Olive to leave the loot behind, but having apparently contracted a case of gold fever, Olive refuses and moves forward into the dangers ahead. The first danger is a hall of crushing boulders that almost flattens the couple but only manages to pinch Olive's dress. The second danger is none other than the legendary gorgon Medusa, who turns Olive to stone, but Popeye is able to trick her into going to a beauty parlor. With her out of range, her stone magic wears off and Olive returns to normal. The third danger is the lovely but dangerous Siren, who once lured sailors to their doom by enchanting them with her beauty. The same fate almost befalls Popeye as he could not resist her beauty, but Olive quickly takes Popeye's spinach can from his pocket and uses her newfound strength to knock out the "hussy" Siren to next Tuesday, which instantly frees Popeye from her spell. With all the dangers passed, the couple finally reach the exit but when they leave, their treasure turns into ordinary pictures of treasure. The Wiffle Bird then returns and informs them that she forgot to tell them that the spell she used to bring the tunnel to life wears off when exposed to daylight, much to Olive's frustration. Popeye then reminds us all that it does not pay to be greedy before tooting his signature pipe.

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