The Goons are a species of tall, strong beings native to Goon Island. Together, they pose a formidable threat for Popeye, who has fought them several times. However, this is usually due to an evil influence such as the Sea Hag, as they can be friendly as well.

Character history

Creation and development in Thimble Theatre

The Goons were created by E. C. Segar in 1933 for his Thimble Theatre storyline "Plunder Island".

Since their debut, Popeye's meeting with the Goons has been adapted into animation several times throughout the decades by the likes of Fleischer Studios, the 1960s Popeye the Sailor and The All-New Popeye Hour, often involving the rescue of Poopdeck Pappy.

Biology and appearance

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Clothed Goons.

Goons are large, hulking, light-skinned humanoids with pronounced upper bodies contrasted by their thin waists, skinny arms and skinny legs. They also have round bald heads and big-noses. This appearance is the standard for all Goons, with no unique traits among individuals, and even the males and females are indistinguishable.

Until their leader Alice journeyed to civilization and took to wearing clothes, Goons preferred to remain nude, with the thick hair that covered some parts of their bodies. Eventually some Goons began wearing hats, offering some level of distinction among individuals.

Their mouths are always hidden and produce a strange speech often depicted as wavy lines. Originally, Wimpy was the only one that could understand this unique dialect. Despite their humanoid appearance, in "The Valley of the Goons", Goon skin is implied to be very valuable and used for making clothing, suggesting that their skin is quite soft and that goons are not related to humans or that cruel pirates see them as no different than wild beasts.



The Goons (according to Bud Sagendorf) were possibly an alien species that originated from the Moon, having originally been Moon Goons which instantly became Earth Goons upon arriving on Earth. Moon Goons and Earth Goons would remain separate races seemingly unaware of each other. Eventually, Goons would go on to inhabit and colonize an uncharted island which would become Goon Island.


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