Gutter Pete

Gutter Pete is an old enemy of Popeye's. He appeared in the first issue of the Popeye comic book by Bud Sagendorf, where he went to the Rough House Cafe to get his revenge on Popeye. However, Popeye was unable to combat him due to swearing off fighting after making a promise to Olive Oyl. Gutter Pete then proceeded to beat up the helpless sailor. Luckily, Popeye's endurance proved superior to Pete's stamina, who eventually passed out from fatigue after punching Popeye for so long.


  • The character largely resembles Bluto and even speaks like him. As such, he may be the first of several Bluto lookalikes created after it was incorrectly believed that Paramount Pictures held the rights to the better-known villain.

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