Ham Gravy, also known as Harold Hamgravy, is a Thimble Theatre character created by E. C. Segar. Ham debuted in the first Thimble Theatre strip, dated December 19, 1919.

Ham Gravy was the original fiancee of the better-known character Olive Oyl, but was often attracted to other women, if they were sufficiently wealthy. Ham was depicted as a slacker who preferred getting rich quick rather than earning money honestly.

In a later strip, Castor Oyl hired the then-unknown sailor Popeye to man his ship for a voyage. As time passed, Ham was replaced by Popeye as the object of Olive's affections. Ham made occasional appearances in the Popeye strips, but never had the fame he once held.

Ham would star in a backup feature in early Popeye comic books by Bud Sagendorf.

Ham made a supporting appearance in the 1980 film, Popeye, where Olive has recently left Ham and has since begun dating Bluto at the film's opening. He was played by Bill Irwin.


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