Hill-billing and Cooing is Popeye's 218th cartoon, released by Famous Studios in 1956. It introduces Possum Pearl, the only character from the cartoon series to receive a spin-off of her own, the eponymous Possum Pearl.


Pearl vs oive

Possum Pearl, a hillbilly woman, is singing the blues about her lack of a partner when she spots Popeye and Olive Oyl driving by the countryside. She shoots one of their tires out and snatches Popeye away. Pearl is a large, imposing lady with a strength and aggressiveness easily matching Bluto's, which leaves Popeye both unwilling to fight off a mere woman and unable to even resist her advances. All the fighting is then left to Olive, who is nevertheless able to get her boyfriend back and drive away, until the pushy backwoods Amazon grabs him again and elopes on a boat. The chase through a river and a forest ends with Popeye trapped in a tree and Olive in a tree stump, with Popeye's spinach can having rolled into the ground nearby. Olive manages to reach the spinach, eating it and gaining the strength to send Pearl flying into space before she can drag Popeye before a judge to be married. Hanging from a star, Pearl becomes infatuated with the moon, then proceeds to chase it. The short ends with Olive singing "I'll knock the dame sky high who tries to take my guy, Popeye The Sailor Man!", while Popeye is tied to the back of Olive's car.

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