Popeye Characters logo
Species Cow
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Production Information
First Appearance "The Worm Returns"

Hortensia was a large cow who Wimpy had fallen for (specifically her potential flavor).

Character history

Creation and development

Hortensia was created for the second issue of IDW Publishing's Popeye comic series, titled "The Worm Returns", in 2012.


The Worm Returns

Hortensia was an ordinary nameless cow minding her own business, when suddenly Popeye scooped her out of her farm and presented her as a gift for Olive Oyl in an attempt to win her back from Willie Wormwood. However, Olive and Willie were not too fond of the cow and kicked her out. It was at this moment that she was found by J. Wellington Wimpy, who instantly "fell in love" with the large bovine, hoping to take her home to "get to know her better" over dinner. It was then that he overheard Wormwood planning something nefarious and realized that Wormwood had also kicked Hortensia, leaving a large boot print mark on her, which angered Wimpy as he could not stand to see an animal harmed for reasons other than being eaten. With her flavor now tainted by the large boot print, Wimpy decided to avenge the hamburger Hortensia could have been by telling Popeye about Wormwood's sinister plans.

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