Missile City

"Incident at Missile City" is a 1960 Popeye the Sailor episode.


Popeye and Olive are summoned to Spinachia by their old friend King Blozo who is in dire need of the sailor's might after his kingdom started being invaded by a daily barrage of non-explosive missiles. Upon arriving at the royal castle and reuniting with King Blozo, a strange taxi-missile appears before them and they ride the mysterious warhead to a place called Missile City (apparently a recently founded location as King Blozo believes that it must be one of the new developments). Missile City is then revealed to be a kingdom inhabited by living humanoid missile-people and where everything moves at 2000 miles per hour. The taxi-missile then drops them off at the Missile Palace where they are met by the Mad Leader of Missile City (who is unaware that they are from the country they're invading). He then offers them a tour of his kingdom by his Vice-Missile who then happily shows them around. The trio enjoy the sights until the Vice-Missile shows them the kingdom's giant warheads to be used in the final assault on Spinachia. King Blozo then reveals who he is and that he will not allow his kingdom to be destroyed. However, his proud declaration only angers the Vice-Missile who then has the guards throw them in jail. The Mad Leader then explains to his prisoners that they need to invade Spinachia for its bountiful fields of spinach, as spinach is the main source of energy for the missile-people due to its high iron content and they are in desperate need of it as their country only has one can of spinach left. The Mad Leader then leads his army into battle, and leaves the trio locked up so as not to interfere. Popeye then desperately tries to reach for the last can of spinach but he is unable to reach it from his cell. Luckily, Olive's long limbs help her reach the valued spinach which Popeye quickly consumes, giving him the strength and speed of a missile himself. Now flying at full speed, Popeye KOs all the missiles in his way and then confronts the Mad Leader, knocking him out instantly. The now calmed and weakened Mad Leader regrets his actions but says that his people desperately needed the spinach. Popeye then gives the pitiful Mad Leader the last of his spinach, thus saving his life. The now grateful Mad Leader is indebted to the compassionate sailor and asks what he can do to repay him. Popeye then asks of the Mad Leader to never invade kingdoms again and that he will even teach him and his people how to grow their own spinach, much to their joy.

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