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Jules Leotard was a historical person who was made into a caricature as the titular antagonist in Popeye's eighth cartoon, The Man on the Flying Trapeze. In this story, the sailor protagonist navigates his ship through the seas, up onto dry land and through the city streets, finally parking it in front of Olive Oyl's house. Nana Oyl delivers the sad news that Popeye's girl has run off with a "daring young man on the flying trapeze". The acrobat's voice was provided by William Pennell, best known for voicing Bluto.


  • The character is a caricature of the real Jules Leotard, a revolutionary French acrobat performer who developed the art of trapeze acrobatics.
  • The character treats Olive Oyl as bad as Bluto, he pulls her hair, uses her as a trapeze to swing on and throws her around, until Popeye saves her from his grasp.  
  • In the end, "Jules Leotard" is punched by Popeye and turned into a candle holder.


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