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King Blozo III
King Blozo
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Occupation King of Spinachovia
Residence Spinachovia
Relatives King Blozo I (grandfather)
King Blozo II (father)
Production Information
First Appearance Thimble Theatre ("The Great Rough-House War")
Portrayed by Jack Mercer
Jackson Beck ("Incident at Missile City" only)

King Blozo the Third, the ruler of a fictional kingdom (whose name has changed through the years but is more frequently known as Spinachovia), is a character created by E. C. Segar for his Thimble Theatre comic strip.

Blozo is a noble, majestic monarch that has the well-being of his subjects as his only concern. His ruling methods, however, can at times be dubious or ineffectual. Having befriended Popeye, the king has since welcomed the sailor's straightforward advice and ingenuity in solving seemingly impossible state problems.

Character history

Creation and development in Thimble Theatre

King Blozo first appeared in the storyline of The Great Rough-House War in 1931.

After his appearance in Thimble Theatre, King Blozo would return as a recurring character in the 1948 comic book series by E. C. Segar's assistant Bud Sagendorf, where he would try to keep his stress under control while running his ever endangered kingdom. His comic book appearances would continue for decades until the title's end in 1984.

Popeye's first TV series

King Blozo made his animated debut in the 1960s Popeye television series, with episodes focusing on him being somewhat based on stories from the comics. He appeared in three episodes: '"Swee'Pea Soup", "Popeye's Testimonial Dinner" and "Incident at Missile City". His infrequent appearances could be attributed to the fact that, unlike Popeye's other friends, he lived far away on the island kingdom of Spinachovia.


King Blozo would re-appear in IDW Publishing's revival of the Popeye comics in 2012. He was featured in the fourth issue, where his kingdom was once again in trouble.



King Blozo is the reigning monarch of the island kingdom of Spinachovia, having inherited his position long ago from his father. He is a man who is constantly wrought with worry due to the many troubles that plague his kingdom, ranging from tiny menaces like Misermites to towering disasters like Giants, or worse, full-scale wars from neighboring countries, which are truly a never-ending source of concern for the stressed king. However, with the aid of his foreign friend Popeye, he always manages to restore order to Spinachovia (at least for the time being).


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