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King Joe Granite
Aliases Joe
Species Moon Rock Man
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Occupation King
Residence Moon
Production Information
First Appearance "Moon Goon!"

King Joe Granite is the royal leader of the Moon Rock Men on the Moon.

Character history

Creation and development in Thimble Theatre

King Joe Granite was created by Bud Sagendorf in 1949 for the 5th issue of the Popeye comic book, in the story "Moon Goon!".



At some point in the past, the Moon Goons started using the Moon Rocks as building materials and cementing them together, much to their anger. Being sick of being used as building materials, King Joe declared war on the Moon Goons and the two races became enemies from then on.

Moon Goon

When Popeye and Wimpy landed on the Moon after volunteering to an independent space program, they were confronted by the Moon Rock Men who attempted to attack the Moon Goons. Luckily their efforts were stopped by Popeye. This however aroused their ire and they summoned the mighty King Granite to destroy Popeye. King Granite and Popeye then had an epic battle that resulted in much destruction as King Granite could easily control his gravity at will, but in the end, Popeye's endurance proved far more formidable and he was able to K.O. the mighty lunar king. King Granite then honorably admitted defeat and surrendered his crown and position to Popeye and under Popeye's rule, the Moon Rock Men and the Moon Goons finally made peace and prospered. However, Popeye and Wimpy eventually grew homesick but both knew they could not return as their ship was out of fuel. Luckily, Joe Granite offered Popeye and Wimpy two of his Moon Rock vessels to take them home and in return Popeye returned the crown and status of king to Joe much to his delight. The Moon Rock Men, their king and the Moon Goons then bid farewell to their Earthling friends.

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