Learn Polikeness is Popeye's 57th theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released in 1938.


A luxurious apartment on the top floor of a building serves as "Prof. Bluteau's School of Etiquette". When Olive Oyl passes by accompanied by her sailor boyfriend, she insists Popeye should go in and learn how to be a gentleman. Bluto, the supposed etiquette expert, changes his disheveled look into one of elegance in order to receive them. Olive asks the Professor to turn Popeye into a gentleman, "like you", she adds coyly. The first lesson is how to properly greet a lady, and Bluto proceeds to kiss her hand. Popeye, instead, gives her a rough hansdshake. The next lesson involves escorting a dame up the stairs, which the teacher does, with her boyfriend getting her down - by making her slide down the railing and into his arms. Finally, Prof. Bluteau shows how to put her coat on, and Popeye is equally rough on this task. He is thrown away to read a manual on etiquette while Bluto sits beside Olive, soon attempting to kiss her. As she dodges him, he begins to choke her violently. When Popeye comes to her rescue, he is politely led away to a room where the Professor punches and pins him to the wall with a piano. Eating spinach lets the hero get free and gain refined manners, in turn inviting the Professor to the adjoining room to be given a beating. When the latter emerges in a ragged state, he is "politely" finished off and sent crashing down the building. Olive is only happy to kiss her boyfriend as he chants his song.

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