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Who's who

Cast of Thimble Theatre.

Thimble Theatre was created by King Features Syndicate comic writer/artist E.C. Segar, and was his third published strip. The strip first appeared in the New York Journal, a newspaper operated by King Features owner William Randolph Hearst, on December 19, 1919 before later expanding into more papers. In its early years, Thimble Theatre featured characters acting out various stories and scenarios in theatrical style (hence the strip's name).

Daily strips


Thimble Theatre began as a daily series of multi-panel gags, at first parodying theatrical films. By the time of Popeye's introduction, however, it had evolved into a serialized humor/adventure comic strip.

  • "Dice Island", or, "Bernice the Whiffle Hen"
Main article: Dice Island
Popeye first appears as Castor Oyl, Ham Gravy and Olive Oyl set out on a trip to a faraway casino to win money with the aid of Bernice's powers.
  • "Olive's False Lover"
  • "The Brass-Mine Swindle"
  • "The Black Barnacle"
Popeye encounters the Sea Hag.
  • "The Haunted House"
  • "The Wiltson Mystery"
  • "Popeye and Glint Gore"
  • "The Give-Away Bank"
  • "The Great Rough-House war"
  • "Skullyville"
  • "The Eighth Sea"
Popeye meets the fearsome Bluto the Terrible.
  • "Long Live the King", or, "Gold and Goofs"
  • "King of Popilania"
Popeye rules his kingdom.
  • "Star Reporter"
  • "Puddleburg, the Laziest Town in the World"
  • "Romance and Riches"
  • "Unifruit", or, "White Savages"
  • "Black Valley"
  • "The Sea Hag's Sister", or, "The Pool of Youth"
  • "Popeye's Ark"
  • "You Can't Expect April Showers from War Clouds"
  • "Eugene, the Jeep"
Olive is given the strange animal, Eugene the Jeep, whose mysterious powers are sought by the unscrupulous Mr. Chizzelflint.
  • "The Search for Popeye's Poppa"
Popeye uses Eugene's powers to track down his lost father, Poopdeck Pappy.
  • "Civilizing Poppa"
  • "Mystery Melody"
Popeye helps a young woman who has fallen on hard times, even if it means breaking the law.
Poopdeck Pappy goes too far with his antics, getting himself into a big mess of trouble in the process.
Popeye and Swee'Pea (and friends) travel to the latter's kingdom which is threatened by demons.

Sunday strips

Sundays serialized their own stories in parallel to the daily strip, and also alternated these storylines with a series of short gags.


Segar's Sunday pages began as a series of unrelated multi-panel gag strips. While he eventually drew stories or related gags spanning several weeks, the longer adventures did not start until 1928.

  • "The Great American Desert Saga"
    Castor Oyl and Ham Gravy travel to the American West to seek their fortune. This story lasts from March 1928 to March 1930. Popeye would not debut until January 1929, and he does not appear in this story.
  • (Popeye, prize-fighter)
  • (Popeye, boxing instructor)
  • (Popeye, prize-fighter again)
  • "Popeye, the S'Prise Fighter"
  • (Popeye fights against Tinearo)
  • (Popeye fights against a gorilla)
Popeye is chosen to resolve the matter of who would win in a fight, a gorilla or the strongest man.
  • "The Johnny Brawn Fight"
  • (Popeye fights against a robot)
  • "Orphan Mary Ann"
Popeye and Wimpy take care of a young orphan girl, Mary Ann.
  • "Wimpy's Mother"
  • "Popeye Fights Bullo Oxheart"
  • "Popeye at the World's Fair"
Extra storyline in which Popeye and Wimpy attempt to go to the World's Fair without taking Olive, but she follows them.
  • "Popeye's Restaurant"
  • "Plunder Island"
Popeye meets the Sea Hag's minion, Alice the Goon.
  • "Goldrush to Slither Creek"
  • (Wimpy's restaurant)
  • "Swee'Pea and Alice"
Alice helps Swee'Pea and Popeye.
  • "The Duel"
Wimpy challenges George W. Geezil to a duel.
  • "Popeye Fights Kid Mustard"
  • "Swee'Pea and the Jar of Jam"
  • "Poopdeck and the Civilized Society"
  • "Popeye's Underwear - Putter - Oner"
  • "Wimpy's Sweetheart, Waneeta"
  • "Swee'Pea's Mother: Taking the Baby Home"
  • "Lumberjack Love"
  • "Popeye and the Man from Mars"
Popeye must fight the Martians' champion.
  • "Popeye Alias Poopdeck"
Poopdeck Pappy passes himself as Popeye in order to trick Olive.

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