This article is about the character. For the ship, see Mary Ann (ship).

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Mary Ann
Mary Ann
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Residence Sweethaven
Production Information
First Appearance Thimble Theatre ("Orphan Mary Ann")

Mary Ann is a young orphan girl who was briefly taken in by Popeye and Wimpy until they could find a good home for her.

Character history

Creation and development in Thimble Theatre

Mary Ann was created by E. C. Segar for the 1932 Thimble Theatre comic storyline "Orphan Mary Ann".


Orphan Mary Ann

While out for a joyful stroll, Popeye came across the little orphan Mary Ann who was crying near some flowers. After she explained her predicament, Popeye decided to help her find a mother of her own. While Popeye went out to look for a good home, Wimpy was placed in charge of the child and the two somewhat bonded over the fact that neither had mothers. Eventually, an intimidating man appeared seeking to take Mary Ann, but Popeye was able to easily thwart the dastardly villain and find a home for Mary Ann.


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