Nana Oyl03
Nana Oyl
is a character created by E.C. Segar in his comic Thimble Theatre prior to Popeye's introduction. Mrs. Oyl is Cole Oyl's wife and the mother of Olive and Castor Oyl. A character mostly seen in the comics, Nana also plays a part in the Fleischer Studios Popeye cartoon The Man on the Flying Trapeze, where her voice is provided by Margie Hines. Nana also appeared in the Popeye and Son episode "Happy Anniversary" in a flashback where she was seen helping Olive get ready for her wedding.


Nana Oyl: Well?

Popeye: I came to see Olive Oyl

Nana Oyl: Without any warning she left in the morning

Popeye: With who?

Nana Oyl: With a Man on the Flying Trapeze (The Man on the Flying Trapeze)



  • Like her relatives, she has a pun for a name: 'Nana Oyl' comes from "banana oil", an old expression of disbelief.
  • Actress Roberta Maxwell portrays her in the 1980 live-action film.

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