Nearlyweds is Popeye's 226th theatrical short, released in 1957 by Famous Studios.


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Popeye and Bluto have each just proposed to Olive Oyl. Olive chooses Popeye and Bluto pretends to be a good sport about it, but on the day of the wedding, he sabotages Popeye's bridegroom grooming routine -- putting concrete mix in his bath, placing a shaving brush in the mirror so the sailor's reflection appears to have a heavy beard shadow, rigging up Popeye's electric razor to shred his wedding tux -- so that Popeye has to dress in a barrel for his wedding.

Olive's feelings are hurt, thinking The Sailorman has played a prank on her, and decides to marry the handsome, elegantly tuxedoed Bluto instead. However, when Bluto hears the Justice of the Peace list all the obligations and sacrifices that married life will entail, he decides he is happy with his bachelorhood and races away. The broken-hearted brunette beauty calls the big fellow a coward and tries to get him to come back, and we see that the Justice of the Peace is Popeye in disguise, laughing at his clever ruse.


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