Never Kick a Women
Never Kick a Woman is Popeye's 37th theatrical cartoon, released by Fleischer Studios in 1936.


Popeye and Olive are watching through a sporting goods store window. Inside, the athletic saleswoman (a Mae West caricature) is throwing punches at a speedbag, displaying her muscular shape. Popeye insists Olive should learn the art of self defense, and they go in. Popeye demonstrates some boxing moves and, while Olive trains, the blonde sporting-goods lady begins to flirt with the Sailorman. Ms. Oyl notices this and a catfight ensues, with Olive soon beaten to the ground by the athletic woman. Yet she manages to crawl near Popeye's spinach can and, upon gulping down the greens, launches into a rematch with her adversary, who is soon trounced. Popeye then receives his own dose of punches, until Olive calms down.


  • This is one of a few cartoons where the "love triangle" setup seen in several others is inverted, with Popeye as the object of desire in place of Olive.
  • The cartoon was recorded in a live mix like a radio show. There are times when there is a slight overlap of the two female characters, indicating that Olive's voice actress Mae Questel did not do the voice, as she could not have switched characters that quickly.


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