The Nothings

Olive Oyl encounters Nothings (Sam and Joe)

The Nothings are a mysterious race of people who are completely invisible and hail from the uncharted Invisible Island.

Character history

Creation and development

The Nothings were created by Bud Sagendorf in 1955, first appearing in the second story of 34th issue of the original Popeye/Thimble Theatre comic book, titled "Nothing! starring Popeye and The Nothings".

Biology and Appearance

Being fully invisible, their true appearance (or if they are even human-like) is completely unknown. What is known is that they are all close to the same size as humans and, despite being invisible, they are not ghosts and hate being called that, as they are just as solid and alive as other living beings. It appears that the majority of Nothings are males, and no female Nothings are ever heard or mentioned. However, they do know a female when they see one as shown in their interaction with Olive Oyl.

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