Olive's Boithday Presink (released on June 13, 1941) is the 96th Fleischer Studios Popeye cartoon. Although the title alludes to Olive Oyl, the character is absent from the actual cartoon.


Popeye sings about his wanting to buy Olive a birthday present as he walks along store windows. As G. Geezil Furs catches his attention, Mr. Geezil snatches him away and brings him inside. Popeye is interested in a bearskin fur coat, and Geezil models one for him, yet a young rabbit tearfully hugging the coat and crying "Mommy, mommy!" makes it evident that the garment is not truly bear skin. Geezil exclaims that, were it a fake, the ceiling should crash onto him. After emerging from the debris, he suggests Popeye merely hunt for his own bear skin - and buy his hunting gear from him. Later, Popeye goes a-huntin' in the forest, following bear tracks. The bear, however, is behind him and gains the upper hand thanks to the element of surprise. Yet, Popeye chases the animal to the edge of a cliff, where it puts on a saddening act that includes howling for its mate and cubs to come bid a tearful farewell. Popeye desists of killing the beast, even breaking his shotgun in two to make the bear understand. It does, and seizes the chance to attack the sailor and throw him over the cliff's edge. Eating his spinach in mid-fall, Popeye takes on the shape of a rocket and flies back up. He gives the bear a beating and even punches him out of its fur coat; Popeye is elated to get a true bear skin coat until he notices the beast was also wearing one from G. Geezil Furrier, which comes as a shock to Popeye.

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