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This article is about the characters. For the animated short, see Pip-eye, Pup-eye, Poop-eye an' Peep-eye.

Popeye Nephews

Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye are all nephews of Popeye and apparently quadruplets.

Character history

Creation and development in Fleischer Studios

They first appeared in 1940 in Fleischer Studios's Wimmin is a Myskery ("Poopeye" is replaced by "Pepeye" in this episode), however their first appearance was only in a dream sequence as Popeye's children. Their first appearance proper as his nephews occurs in the 1942 Pip-eye, Pup-eye, Poop-eye an' Peep-eye. Their existence would indicate that Popeye's mother and/or his father had at least one child other than Popeye, however as they have only ever appeared within animated media as minor semi-recurring characters, their existence seems to be apocryphal in the overall Popeye continuity. They were only featured in two shorts of the Fleischer Studios era and were voiced by Jack Mercer whose voice had been sped up to sound like a child's.

Famous Studios

They would be featured more prominently in the Famous Studios era of Popeye cartoons and would be one of the few characters from the Fleischer era to make semi-regular appearances, even more so than prominent characters from the Fleischer era, like Wimpy. Some cartoons (such as Big Bad Sindbad and Patriotic Popeye) only feature two or three nephews, with no explanation as to the others' absence.

After the end of the Famous Studios era, the nephews would remain absent from Popeye media throughout the 60s and early 70s.

The All-New Popeye Hour

Popeye's nephews returned in the 1978 cartoon The All-New Popeye Hour, where they would often appear in short, "moral" segments that were shown between longer ones. This allowed for the rare sight of them together with Swee'Pea. In these segments they would mostly appear along with Mr. No-No.

They have not been featured in any major Popeye media since.


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