Pitchin' Woo at the Zoo is Popeye's 129th theatrical cartoon, released in 1944 by Famous Studios.


Popeye and Olive visit a zoo where Bluto is the zookeeper, who tries to woo the dame away from the sailor. Popeye will have none of this, but after the couple leave the vicinity of the tiger's pit, Bluto sneakily grabs Popeye and lets him slide towards the beast's maw. Popeye escapes only to find Olive admiring the zookeeper's trick to put a crocodile to sleep by stroking its belly. When the sailor tries to do the trick himself, it is the animal that does it to him. With Popeye sound asleep, the zookeeper leads Ms. Oyl away but, as he attempts to sweet-talk her, she inadvertedly wanders into the leopards' cage. The crocodile's continued rubbing of Popeye's belly makes his spinach can pop out, and his snoring causes the vegetable to be sucked through his pipe. As Bluto is getting into a suit of armor in order to save Olive, she is promptly rescued by Popeye. An elephant then uses her as its toy, but ends up as Popeye's plaything. The zookeeper, angry at his own failure to save the lovely lady, lets out a huge number of animals (from a single cage) but Popeye catches them in another. Keeper and animals are meshed together into a single carousel attraction, at the center of which ride Popeye and Olive.


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