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Plunder Island

"Plunder Island" (published in 1933) is a major Thimble Theatre storyline. The tale takes Popeye on a dangerous adventure where he must face all manner of foes, from pirates, to witches and even monsters in order to reach the fabled island of treasure, Plunder Island.


The story begins in Popeye's newly acquired restaurant from the last storyline, where he is informed by Wimpy that a rough-looking fellow has come to see him. Upon meeting the rough fellow, he and Popeye immediately begin punching and harming each other in several ways, much to shock of those present, including Wimpy and Olive. Olive then asks Wimpy to go seek help from the police to break up the fight, but as soon as Wimpy leaves, Popeye and his "opponent" happily shake hands and Popeye reveals that the rough-houser is actually his old friend and former crew mate Bill Barnacle from 20 years ago and that their brawl was actually the secret handshake of their old brotherhood, the Sea Dog Club. Meanwhile, Wimpy manages to find a team of police officers and has them follow him back to the restaurant to stop the "fight", but once they arrive the officers are less than pleased to see two fellows happily getting along rather than fighting and quickly plan to arrest Wimpy for misleading an officer. Luckily, Wimpy is able to convince the officers to not arrest him by inviting them to a duck dinner over at his place as an apology while leading them outside, much to their delight. Back inside the restaurant, Barnacle Bill explains his reason for visiting Popeye, telling him that he may have found the secret location of Plunder Island and that if they team up, they can get their hands on all manner of priceless pirate treasure, from gold, to rubies and pearls the size of eggs. Popeye then eagerly accepts the invite and teams up with Bill Barnacle, having become bored with the simple life of a restaurant owner and craves to go out to sea once more. Back outside, Wimpy has fled from the officers after telling them that they should bring the duck, much to their anger as they go in hot pursuit of Wimpy.

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