Pop-Pie A La Mode
Pop-Pie a la Mode is Popeye's 132nd cartoon, produced by Famous Studios and released in 1945.


Pop-Pie A La Mode 1

Popeye, shipwrecked and riding a small raft, is overjoyed to come across a tropical island where Joe's Always Inn stands. He is received by Joe himself, who is in fact the king of the island's cannibal tribe. Seeing the delectable newcomer makes him visualize a meaty dish and, after Popeye is given service, Joe turns to his cookbook for ideas. In order to fatten him, he has the sailor rest comfortably on a hammock while being served various types of potatoes and starchy sweets. When a little cannibal tries to sandwich one of the guest's legs, Joe turns him away.


Later, Joe says to Popeye he is to be initiated into the Secret Order of the Midnight Well. The ceremony involves Popeye taking a hot tub bath in the island clearing, at night. Drums sounding, Popeye enters the tub - which is soon dismantled to reveal he is really in a large cauldron. After the young cannibal makes another sandwich out of Popeye's meaty arm, and takes a bite this time, the hero acknowledges his predicament as he sees every native is holding a meat ration book and looking at him hungrily. It takes a horde of natives to overcome Popeye's resistance, but he is finally subdued, then hammered into the shape of a juicy steak ready to be grilled.

Pop-Pie A La Mode 18

The sailor-steak manages to produce and eat his spinach, promptly defeating all the tribesmen then going after Joe, who takes shelter in a building from which he shoots many cannons at the hero. Popeye turns his own projectiles against him, however. Joe is sent flying to the water, where two hungry sharks await, only he is hungrier and chases them over the sea. Popeye becomes the tribe's new king, although he has to put up with the boy cannibal trying a Popeye-leg sandwich once again.


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