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Popeye's Fairy Tales (released in 1989) is a UK VHS video compilation of Popeye cartoons that contains nine All-New Popeye Hour episode segments.


The episodes included in this collection feature themes of fantasy, adventure and fairy tales.


  1. "Popeye of Sherwood Forest"
  2. "Popeye and the Beanstalk"
  3. "Merry Madness at the Mardi Gras"
  4. "Popeye and the Pirates"
  5. "Bully Dozer"
  6. "Popeye's Perilous Pursuit of a Pearl"
  7. "A Bad Knight For Popeye"
  8. "Popeye Meets the Blutostein Monster"
  9. "Boo-Who"

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