This article is about the handheld game. For other meanings, see Popeye 2 (disambiguation).

Popeye2 Game
Popeye 2 (ポパイ2) is a 1991 2D platform game, developed by Copya System and published by Sigma Enterprises in Japan for Nintendo's Game Boy handheld console. It was later published in North America (1993) and Europe (1994) by Activision.

It is a sequel to 1990's Popeye, which was released exclusively in Japan.


Popeye 2 is a side-scrolling platform game similar to Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. series. Popeye travels trough exotic locations in search for his friends, jumping, climbing and punching his way, as well as collecting cans of spinach that increase his energy, indicated by the size of his forearm. After the boss fights against a giant snowman, a living figurehead, a dinosaur and an Egyptian pharaoh, Popeye in turn rescues Swee'Pea, J. Wellington Wimpy and Olive Oyl. Then, he fights a pirate version of Brutus and is rewarded with a treasure chest.

The game also features is a two-player, turn based option.

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