This article is about the console game. For other meanings, see Popeye 2 (disambiguation).

Popeye II: Travels in Persia, also known as Popeye: Travels in Persia, is a pirate original video game released by JY Company in 1995. Chinese and Taiwanese pirate game companies existed that would make their consoles based on the cheaper and easier to produce Nintendo Entertainment System, with the accompanying games not only pirated from the older titles for the system, but also originally produced, often based on newer consoles's games.

The game is in fact a knockoff of Disney's Aladdin by Capcom, released years earlier for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, a more advanced console. This pirate version in fact stars Aladdin in a relatively faithful recreation of the original game, however, a modified version was also sold with Popeye as the playable character, supposedly making 'travels in Persia', but essentially taking Aladdin's place in his Arabian Nights setting. Perhaps fittingly, since Popeye once portrayed the role in Fleischer's Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp decades earlier.

The Popeye conversion is achieved through graphical modifications that give the protagonist Popeye arms and a Popeye face, and change the on-screen title from "Aladdin" to "Popeye II: Travels in Persia".

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