Popeye Makes a Movie
(1950) is Popeye's 173rd cartoon, created by Famous Studios using footage from Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves (Fleischer Studios, 1937) in addition to some newly-produced animation. However, this cartoon substitutes the older one's epic theme for the making of a Paramount film by Popeye and company.


Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye pay a visit to Paramount Studios where their uncle is starring in an Arabian Nights-themed motion picture (it is unclear whether these are Popeye's actual past exploits being filmed, or if the adventure is entirely fictional from this cartoon's standpoint). Popeye tells his nephews to be still and quiet if they wanted to watch the making of the film then prepares, along with Olive Oyl and Wimpy, for the scene where they walk across the desert, dying of thirst. The story progresses as in the earlier cartoon until the part where the bandits raid a city, with their leader attacking Popeye; the four boys get lost in the story and proceed to assault the actor portraying Abu Hassan (most likely Bluto). Popeye is forced to trap the kids' hands in a stocks in order to continue, filming the scene where the hero enters the thieves' cave hideout in order to rescue his abducted companions, yet ends up capured himself and lowered into a shark pit. Seeing this, Popeye's nephews free their hands by saying "Open Sesame" and bring a spinach can to the emperiled protagonist. As in Forty Thieves, Popeye then proceeds to soundly defeat the bandit hordes and finally their leader. The victorious caravan seen at the end of the earlier cartoon is joined by Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye this time.

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