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MediaPopeye franchiseE. C. SegarBud SagendorfDoc WinnerTom SimsBela ZabolyGeorge WildmanBobby LondonHy EismanRoger LangridgeStephen DeStefanoFred M. GrandinettiSteve R. BierlyMax FleischerDave FleischerJack MercerKing Features SyndicateParamount PicturesFleischer StudiosFamous StudiosSweethavenPopeye VillageChester, IllinoisFrank "Rocky" Fiegel

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  • new page The Mighty Navy
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    New page: The Mighty Navy (Fleischer Studios, 1941) is not only Popeye's hundredth theatrical short, but the first in which the iconic character is presented...
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    Summary: "Pugnacious" seems right (just too florid a word)
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    Summary: Alright, we gotta find a middle ground. Mentioning the Segar & Fleischer periods, that's when he's pretty much "superhuman" though
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    Edited the section: Bluto's muscles
    Summary: Sorry, I can cite numerous examples where Popeye attempts to do a muscle pose and his upper arms sag like wet noodles. How about we compromise with 'pugnacious.' There is plenty of room to heap praise on Popeye in the paragraph devoted to him.
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    Summary: I know Famous had to 'tone him down' for their formula to work but the cold fact is, Popeye's always been a strength-type character (any little kid knows that)
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    Summary: Bluto's muscles:
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    Summary: Popeye was neither 'strong' nor 'mighty' in HOW GREEN IS MY SPINACH--he was a miserable weakling easily defeated by the much stronger, mightier Bluto until he resorted to spinach. Ditto for I WANNA BE A LIFEGUARD, LUNCH WITH A PUNCH, etc etc etc
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