This article is about the animated short. For the character, see Possum Pearl.

Possum Pearl is the only Popeye spin-off cartoon, starring the antagonist from 1956's Hill-billing and Cooing, Possum Pearl. It was a "Noveltoon", produced by Famous Studios in 1957 as the start of a potential new series. However, no further Pearl adventures were ever released.


Possum pearl 1

The Possum Pearl character received a slight redesign for her starring vehicle

Possum Pearl, a young, robust hillbilly lady, lives alone in her woodlands cabin where she would entertain herself by singing songs about her wishes to be married to a good man. She later proceeds to go out "hunting" for potential husbands. The mountain mailman eludes her and warns the local men about the marriage-obsessed stalker so Pearl, defeated, returns to her cabin just as a criminal breaks in, escaping from the police. She is perfectly willing to oblige to the crook's demands and play house with him, offering him heart-shaped waffles. He panics and tries to make his escape, but is thwarthed at every turn by a singing bride-to-be. Even after fleeing the shed and going through a bear cave, a haystack and a river, he cannot shake his persistent persecutor. The robber is chased all the way to the state police's station, where he locks himself up. Pearl's attention then shifts towards a handsome police officer, whose getaway motorcycle she easily captures.

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