Private Olive Oyl-01

Private Olive Oyl is a segment in The All-New Popeye Hour inspired by the then-popular film Private Benjamin, wherein Olive Oyl and Alice the Goon have joined the U. S. Army and are now part of an all-female platoon. Their immediate superior, Sergeant Bertha Blast is constantly losing her temper and yelling at them for their lack of discipline and well-intentioned displays that often result in chaos. However, the oblivious Colonel Crumb would often congratulate them. The cartoon itself is not concerned with actual warfare, but the daily life in a base and the practice of field maneuvers.


No Title Airdate
1 "Mission Improbable" September 12, 1981
2 "Computer Chaos" September 19, 1981
3 "Here Today - Goon Tomorrow" September 19, 1981
4 "Troop Therapy" September 26, 1981
5 "Goon Native" October 3, 1981
6 "Alice in Blunderland" October 3, 1981
7 "Wreck Room" October 10, 1981
8 "Private Secretaries" October 17, 1981
9 "Goon Balloon" October 17, 1981
10 "Tanks a Lot" October 24, 1981
11 "Rocky Rolls" October 31, 1981
12 "Snow Fooling" October 31, 1981
13 "Infink-try" November 7, 1981
14 "Goon Hollywood" November 14, 1981
15 "Basic Train-ing" November 14, 1981
16 "Jeep Thrills" November 21, 1981

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