Robot Chicken
American adult animated series Robot Chicken's Popeye segments are short parody skits focusing on the sailor and his friends, that appear alongside other popular culture parodies in several episodes of the series. Created via stop-motion animation, they make extensive use of the official Popeye action figures.

Popeye's voice is provided by Dave Coulier, who is known to do Popeye impressions, as he would in his earlier television show Full House.

It's a Wimpy-Filled Life or Wimpy's a Mooch (From the 2005 episode "The Sack"): Wimpy is no longer able to mooch hamburgers from anyone so he decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. An angel appears to show him what the world would be had he never lived, but as all the visions invariably show a better world, the angel decides to help Wimpy make the jump.

Popeye Intervention (From the 2007 episode "Squaw Bury Shortcake"): Popeye's friends and family stage a surprise intervention to address Popeye's "spinach addiction". This only leads him to eat a can of the vegetable and start beating up everybody, until Pappy gets him to calm down.

I'd Gladly Pay You Tuesday (From the 2008 episode "Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy"): After lending Wimpy money for hamburgers, Popeye comes to the latter's house on a Tuesday to collect what he is owed. Since Wimpy has no money, Popeye begins to beat him up violently until Wimpy offers to perform certain sexual acts on the sailor.

Cartoon Smokers (From the 2016 episode "Triple Hot Dog Sandwich on Wheat"): This skit focuses on several smoking characters, not only from the Popeye franchise but others such as the Pink Panther or the Flintstones, which are shown to be hospitalized, suffering from cancer due to their smoking. Olive Oyl is among them due to second-hand smoke from Popeye's pipe, yet the sailor himself is unaffected thanks to his frequent consumption of spinach. The segment comes to an abrupt close when Barney Rubble lights a cigarette near Fred Flintstone's oxygen tank, causing an explosion.