Roc 4

Roc birds are a species of gigantic terror birds resembling vultures. They have appeared infrequently throughout Popeye's history, always as violent antagonists, but the most notable one he ever fought was Rokh, the pet roc of Sindbad the Sailor.

Notable rocs

Sindbad's roc

Main article: Rokh

Rokh was the giant bird employed as Sindbad's minion in 1936's Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor, where its master has it attack Popeye, only for the beast to end up as a roasted bird.

The Sheik's roc

A similar beast appears in 1948's A Wolf in Sheik's Clothing, where the Sheik, also a Middle Eastern Bluto-like antagonist, sends his monstrous pet to destroy Popeye, with the same exact results. Their fates considered, they are probably two different birds.

The Evil Wazzir's roc

In Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp, the Evil Wazzir used his Genie to conjure up his own roc to destroy Popeye when the latter sought to ruin his plans, but the beast proved no match for Popeye and was promptly turned into a roast buzzard.



  • Rocs were present in the original Middle Eastern tales of Sinbad's voyages, with him encountering the giant birds and their eggs during his second and fifth voyages, including the natural prey of the roc, the bashe (giant snake).
  • Rocs are said to resemble giant eagles yet in all Popeye media they resemble vultures.

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